Operational assets


The Elga deposit can be compared to Australian coal assets such as Goonyella, Gordstone and Gregory.

Elgacoal Ltd

Operating company that holds the license for subsoil usage rights at the Elga deposit. The license number is YaKU 03730 TE, and it is valid until 31 December 2033. Mining and preparation facilities along with a rotational camp have been deployed. Technological re-equipment of the enterprise and the introduction of new highly effective technologies, equipment, and solutions, as well as development of new reserves are the main priorities to support production growth.

Elga-road Co. Ltd

Operator of the Elga-Ulak railway line - the largest private railway line in the Russian Federation with a length of > 300 km. The railway line is designed to transport coal from the Elga deposit, as well as auxiliary cargoes, such as construction materials, explosive materials, fuels and lubricants. Increasing the carrying capacity of the Elga-Ulak railway line is a strategic priority in ECC's new development plan.

Elga-Trans LLC

Service company to maintain the Elga-Ulak railway line and provide cargo transport. The key priority is to ensure safe and efficient delivery of cargoes along the Elga-Ulak railway line in accordance with ECC's development plan.